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Some of the contents of this article are non-canon, meaning that they are not a part of the BIONICLE story. Be warned that this article is about as true as Maku's love for Hewkii.

Energy Extraction Rifle
Weapon Information
FunctionEnergy Draining, power source (when charged), creating Kraata (Makuta version only)
User(s)Vortixx, Makuta
StatusIn use

The Energy Extraction Rifle is a energy draining device built on Xia.


Although Vortixx were tough, they have no powers, and thus developed a weapon that allowed the user to drain other beings of their energy, making combat with power-endowed opponents simpler. Because of its parasitic nature, most Matoran did not use it. However, it was very well-received by plenty of other rich, but defenseless species.

Once, by accident, it was used upon a Makuta. The Makuta was unaffected, but the rifle was heavily damaged. Upon examining it, the Vortixx found a Kraata clinging to the rifle. The Makuta ordered it in surplus, seeking a quick, painless way to create Kraata. They also discovered that (after slight modifications), they could siphon their own energy into it, and channel the resulting essence through the rifle, much like a Toa Tool. However, due to the heavy damage caused to the rifle after each use, it soon became far too impractical, and was abandoned.


Similar to the Energy Siphon Blade, the Energy Extraction Rifle takes energy from a being in a manner similar to the Rahkshi Vorahk. After obtaining the energy, the rifle can be used as a power source, although the energy can't be directly transferred to a being. The rifle can gather large amounts of energy, but if this energy is not discharged, right the rifle will overload. At one point the Makuta modified the rifle to painlessly make Kraata.


  • The Devastator was made by BZPower member Dorek
  • Greg Farshtey did not canonize the history of the Energy Extraction Rifle, only its function and appearance.
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