Biographical Information
Species Matoran
Group Po-Matoran
Mask Powerless Pakari
Colors Burnt Orange, Tan
Element/Powers Stone
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Occupation Quarry Master
Tools None
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Ay-pen-ah
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Epena was a Po-Matoran.


Metru Nui[]

Little is known of Epena's life in Metru Nui. All that is known is that he was saved by the Toa Metru during the Great Cataclysm, after being stuffed in a Matoran Sphere. He was awakened on Mata Nui and gradually lost his memory of the past and became weaker.

Mata Nui[]

Epena was a Quarry Master on Mata Nui, helping Hafu with his sculptures. Shortly after the Toa Mata's arrival on Mata Nui, he began to fall victim to the plague spread by Ahkmou's Koli balls, until Takua uncovered what was going on. When Epena began to fall ill, he left his Koli Ball behind on the field, which allowed Takua to discern a critical clue as to the nature of the plague. During the Bohrok's attack, Epena was one of the Po-Matoran forced to move to Ga-Koro for a short while. There, he witnessed the Pahrak's defeat.

Epena in the Koli field in Po-Koro

Epena in MNOG

After the Bohrok-Kal strike, Epena was built into a stronger form by the Turaga. He later moved back to Metru Nui with the other Matoran.

Return to Metru Nui[]

He had returned to Metru Nui and had helped with rebuilding it, until the Staff of Artakha was used to repair the rest of the city. He was also present during the ceremony for Matoro. He then began working on the statues of Teridax that "Turaga" Ahkmou ordered the Po-Matoran to carve of him.

Spherus Magna[]

Sometime later he evacuated the Matoran Universe and is currently living on Spherus Magna.


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