Biographical Information
Species Matoran
Group Po-Matoran
Mask Pakari
Colors Tan and Brown
Element/Powers Stone
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Quarrymaster
Tools None
Location Metru Nui
Status Alive
Pronunciation Ay-pen-ah

Epena was a Po-Matoran

Metru Nui

Nothing is known of Epena's life in Metru Nui. All that is known is that he was saved by the Toa Metru during the Great Cataclysm, and that on the Vahki Zadakh animation he was chased to the edge of a sculpture and absconded, for some reason.

Mata Nui

Epena was later a carry master in Mata Nui, helping Hafu with his sculptures.

Return to Metru Nui

He had returned to Metru Nui and had helped with rebuilding it, until the Staff of Artahka was used to repair the rest of the city.

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