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Species Information
ColorsGunmetal grey, black, light grey
Tools and AbilitiesVarious

Fa-Matoran were Matoran with innate Magnetism powers. No Fa-Matoran have appeared in the BIONICLE storyline yet. It is not known where Fa-Matoran live but a trait that they all shared was that they had a better sense of direction, a reference to the fact that compasses work using magnetism. Their colors were gunmetal gray and black.

Known Fa-Matoran

The following Toa were once Fa-Matoran, but became Toa.

  • Jovan - transformed into Toa and later Turaga - revived
  • An unknown number of Toa of Magnetism killed by the Brotherhood of Makuta. These Toa were once Fa-Matoran. - Revived on the Red Star
  • An Unnamed Toa in the Toa Empire that defended the Coliseum

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