Fader Bull
Fader Bull
Species Information
ColorsBlack, White, Grey
WeaponsHorns and Claws
Species StatusAlive
Pronunciation(Fa-DER Bull)
The trick to trapping Fader Bulls is to remember they're herd Rahi. Where one goes, the others follow. Rig up a rockslide to scare them. Then keep an eye out to see when the first fader vanishes and where it reappears. Get over to that spot and maybe you can catch the third or the fourth bull as it pops back in ...assuming it doesn't reappear on top of you.
Rahaga Pouks, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

Fader Bull are harmless herbivorous bull-like Rahi that could teleport away from danger. It is unknown where these Rahi originally came from and how they came to Po-Metru. They are named because their teleportation leaves behind a ghostly image of themselves that slowly fades away (whenever they feel threatened) and also apparently have a natural power similar to a teleportation Kanoka Disk.

No Matoran on Metru Nui knows why the Fader Bulls have these abilities nor how they control the distance and direction of their abilities, as these Rahi are one of the most difficult to capture and also always cause a constant frustration to the Visorak horde. But in past encounters; Po-Matoran had sometimes stumbled upon a Fader Bull that had materialized inside a rock or other solid objects. The Fader Bull population survived the Visorak's attack on Metru Nui. 

Following the Battle of Bara Magna and the collapse of the Great Spirit Robot, the Fader Bulls later left the Matoran Universe to begin a new life on Spherus Magna.


  • This Rahi was designed by Matthew Longua.