Fau Swamp
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Primary Residents'
Former ResidentsRahi
LocationLe-Wahi, Le-Koro

The Fau Swamp was a large area of marshlands and swamplands located under Le-Koro and other areas of Le-Wahi. It was home to many dangerous Rahi, such as Bog Snakes.


The Fau Swamp was created when Mata Nui fell asleep, and the island of Mata Nui was created as a result of his camouflage systems malfunctioning.

During the Toa Metru's initial reconnaissance of the island, Matau ended up getting lost in the Fau Swamp. Noting the perilous bog's many hostile flora and fauna, the Air Toa decided that the village for the Le-Matoran should be located high in the treetops, as far as possible from the Fau Swamp and other such dangerous areas located on the ground of Le-Wahi's.

It was destroyed when the Bohrok swarms were unleashed on Mata Nui, as a result of the Toa Nuva freeing the Bahrag from their prison.

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