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Species Information
Colorsgunmetal gray and burnt orange, bronze, gold
HabitatMetal-rich locations, Nynrah
Tools and AbilitiesVarious

Fe-Matoran were Matoran with innate Iron powers, which gave them great endurance. Some Fe-Matoran lived on the island of Stelt. The only known named Fe-Matoran was Zaria, who was transformed into a Toa of Iron. Fe-Matoran wore gunmetal gray and burnt orange armor.

Known Fe-Matoran

  • A Dark Hunter codenamed "Phantom" - Formerly
  • Several Nynrah Ghosts
    • A former Nynrah Ghost who resided on Stelt
  • An unknown Fe-Matoran that became a Toa of Iron and was part of the Toa Cordak - Formerly; now deceased
  • An unknown number of Fe-Matoran that became Toa of Iron killed by the Brotherhood of Makuta. - Revived on the Red Star
  • Zaria - Formerly; now a Toa of Iron.


  • The prefix "Fe-" is derived from the chemical symbol for iron, "Fe".
  • The only place known to have Fe-Matoran was Nynrah.
  • Some Fe-Matoran were part of the Nynrah Ghosts.

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