Feet Additions
Weapon Information
FunctionKicking and smashing
User(s)Toa Pohatu/Pohatu Nuva (Formerly)
Akamai (Formerly)
StatusNo longer in use

The "Feet Additions" were given to Pohatu as a Toa Mata, as he didn't have any Toa Tools like the rest of the Toa Mata. These big feet had great power, smashing huge stones with a single kick. When Pohatu became a Toa Nuva, he also gained a pair of Climbing Claws, in addition to the feet additions, which became silver and had even more power.

When Pohatu was given a set of Adaptive Armor by Artakha, he discarded the "Feet Additions".

Set Information[]

The feet additions were released with Pohatu in mid-2001 and Pohatu Nuva in late 2002. In both sets, they were attached to Pohatu's feet by axles.


  • "Feet Additions" is a nickname of these objects, as their official name isn't known.
  • In BIONICLE Heroes, the "Feet Additions" are the default weapon for Hewkii. They fire out missiles like a rocket launcher. They could be upgraded into Toa Onewa's Proto Pitons.
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