Animation Fenrakk
Species Information
ColorsDark red, silver, black
WeaponsAcidic saliva
Species StatusMost alive

Fenrakk were a species of arachnid-like Rahi with acidic saliva. The most well-known Fenrakk was enlarged by the Mask of Life and forcibly fused to Vezon in order for him to better guard the Mask. The Mask of Life also gave both Vezon and this Fenrakk the ability to absorb kinetic energy, allowing them to grow stronger with every physical attack made by them or against them. This ability made the two unaffected by all physical blows (as they immediately grow strong enough to withstand the attack), and the mask also granted them protection from other dangers such as lava.


An enlarged Fenrakk

When the Toa Inika arrived at the Chamber of Life, Fenrakk and Vezon fought them, but the Inika found a way around Fenrakk's kinetic absorbtion and Jaller knocked the pair into the lava river. After falling into lava during their fight with the Toa Inika, Vezon and Fenrakk emerged once again, except Fenrakk emerged as a different creature: the Kardas Dragon.

The Toa Inika tamed smaller Fenrakk Spawn spiders to use as mounts in their sieges against the Piraka Stronghold. Note: this can refer to a species or just Vezon's enlarged Fenrakk.


Set Information[]

  • Set that included the enlarged Fenrakk was set number 8764.
  • This set contained 281 pieces including Vezon.
  • It cost US$30 (£24.99).
  • Set released in 2006.

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