Fenrakk Spider
Biographical Information
Species Fenrakk
Group Fenrakk
Colors Dark red, silver, black
Element/Powers Acid, kinetic absorption
Occupation Guardian of the Ignika (formerly)
Tools Legs, fangs, acid
Status Transformed
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Fenrakk was a member of the species of the same name that Vezon was fused to.


When Vezon attempted to steal the Kanohi Ignika, this Fenrakk was enlarged far beyond its normal size and was fused to Vezon. They then remained within the Mask of Life Chamber, where they waited for someone to challenge them.

When the rest of the Piraka reached the chamber of the Ignika, after defeating all the previous guardians, Vezon and Fenrakk attacked them. Vezon fired the Spear of Fusion at Vezok and Reidak, resulting in the Piraka Fusion. The being then attacked and defeated the other Piraka, before being split back into Vezok and Reidak. The two collapsed, unconscious. Soon, the Toa Inika arrived, and also fought the fused duo. Jaller eventually fired at the two, causing them to fall into a pool of lava. Instead of dying, the Ignika then transformed Fenrakk into the Kardas Dragon.

Powers and Abilities[]

Fenrakk shared Vezon's Ignika-granted power to absorb kinetic energy.

Fenrakk naturally possessed a type of acidic saliva, as an ability of its species. Additionally, Fenrakk possessed formidable strength, as a side-affect of being enlarged by the Ignika.