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The Festival of Masks is a recurring celebration that took place in ancient times on the island of Okoto, celebrating the masks worn by the Okotans and crafted by the Mask Makers.


The last known Festival of Masks took place shortly before Makuta betrayed his brother Ekimu by creating the Mask of Ultimate Power. Many Okotans, including the Protectors of that time, gathered to the city for the celebration, during which Ekimu presented the Protectors with new masks and Makuta demonstrated new masks he had created which were infused with energy from more than one Elemental Crystal. After Makuta left in a huff following the disastrous demonstration of these masks, Ekimu witnessed a vision of the Elemental Creatures, prompting him to travel to the Temple of Time.

As a result of the darkness that fell across Okoto as a result of Makuta's betrayal, no Festival of Masks is known to have been held in the entirety of the time between Ekimu's fall and his revival by the Toa. However, Ekimu and the modern Protectors began making plans to hold a new festival of masks following the City of the Mask Makers' recapture.