Orange Fikou

Quest Fikou.png
Species Information
GroupLand Rahi
ColorsOrange, Black
Species StatusUnknown

Fikou were dangerous tree spider Rahi that were commonly found in Le-Wahi vines, Le-Metru chutes, and Onu-Metru. It came in orange and black coloring, with the orange ones being found in Le-Wahi more commonly. A variety with pincers and a stinger had been seen on Voya Nui.


  • The Fikou was one of the models you could build in the BIONICLE Master Builder Set.
  • In BIONICLE HEROES, the black fikou spider is very common. It's found in boulders and bionicle parts.

However, its head is backwards.

  • Usually to hunt their prey they would hide in trees and when their prey came they would jump out and seize it. They could not be trusted.

A web made by Fikou spiders

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