Quest Fikou
Species Information
GroupLand Rahi
ColorsOrange, Black
Species StatusUnknown

Fikou were dangerous tree spider Rahi commonly found in Le-Wahi vines, Le-Metru chutes, and Onu-Metru. They came in orange and black coloring, with the orange ones being more common. A variety with pincers and a stinger had been seen on Voya Nui. Fikou communicate using chirping sounds. They are best known for spinning incredibly intricate webs close to the ground and jumping out suddenly at passing prey.

Set Information


Orange Fikou

  • The Fikou was one of the models build-able in the BIONICLE Master Builder Set.
  • The Fikou was released in 2002; its set number was 1441.
  • The Fikou contained 13 pieces.
  • It could be built out of the Toa Mata sets Pohatu and Onua to make a black Fikou.
Quest Fikouweb

A web made by Fikou spiders


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