Fire Entity
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Biographical Information
Species One of a Kind
Group None
Mask None
Colors Unknown
Element/Powers Fire
Homeland Unknown
Occupation None
Tools None
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Pronunciation N/A
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The Fire Entity was a creature that was made of pure fire.


While Toa Vakama was searching one of Teridax's lairs for boat materials, the Fire Entity attacked him. It was defeated when Vakama absorbed all of the heat around him, causing it to freeze. Vakama himself was left unconscious, and by the time he awoke, the creature was somehow gone.


This creature was not only able to control heat and flame, it was heat and flame. It had the abilities to levitate on updrafts of hot air, throw fire balls, and unleash massive amounts of heat without rest. It did not appear to be capable of speech. Vakama saw it as representing himself if he were to ever let his power run out of control.