Fire Sword
Fire Sword TMata
Weapon Information
FunctionChanneling Elemental Energy, melee combat
User(s)Toa Mata Tahu (currently)
Akamai (formerly)
StatusOriginal: Transformed into Magma Swords
Adaptive: In use

The Fire Sword was the tool used by Tahu as a Toa Mata. It allowed him to channel his elemental powers of Fire. When Tahu turned into a Toa Nuva, the Energized Protodermis transformed the Fire Sword into a pair of Magma Swords. He then got a new version back when the Kanohi Ignika turned him and his Adaptive Armor tools back into their original form.


Adaptive Armor version

Set Information[]

  • The Fire Sword was originally released along with Tahu in 2001.
  • A large foam weapon toy called Toa Flame Sword was based off Tahu's old version of his Fire Sword; it was released in 2003 and its product number was 4237161.
  • A blue version of the same piece was included in the Berix set, released in 2009.
  • In 2010, a new version of the sword was included with the Tahu Stars set. The same piece had been used in 2009 as part of Ackar's Flame Sword.


  • In BIONICLE Heroes, Toa Jaller uses the Fire Sword as his basic weapon, which can be upgraded into Vakama's Disk launcher.
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