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Raanu, leader of the Fire Tribe
Fire Tribe
Fire Tribe Information
Species AffliationAgori, Glatorian
AlliesOther Tribes
EnemiesSkrall (formerly), Rock Tribe
LeaderElement Lord of Fire (formerly), Raanu
HomelandSpherus Magna/Bara Magna

The Fire Tribe was a tribe that resided in the village of Vulcanus. All members of the Fire Tribe were either Agori or Glatorian of Fire. The latest known leader of the Fire Tribe was Raanu. Their tribe wore armor primarily in shades of red as well as orange, orange-yellow, and occasionally grey.


When the Great Beings created the Element Lords to rule the planet for them, the Element Lord of Fire was assigned to lead the Fire Tribe.

When Agori discovered Energized Protodermis in the Northern Frost, a war broke out, which would lated be called the Core War. The Fire Tribe took part in many battles, until The Shattering eventually occurred, shattering the planet into three pieces. At least a part of the Fire Tribe took refuge in Vulcanus. They chose an Agori to lead the tribe. Eventually, their leader died, and they chose a new leader, Raanu.

Known Members[]



  • Ackar - Prime Glatorian
  • Malum - Former secondary Glatorian; exiled
  • Perditus - Vehicle pilot
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