Weapon Information
FunctionProviding heat (Ta-Matoran)
Light source (Tahnok Va)
User(s)Ta-Matoran, Turaga Vakama, Tahnok Va
StatusIn use (Turaga)
No longer in use (Tahnok Va)

A Firestaff was a tool used by Crafters in Ta-Metru. The tops of the staffs could reach extraordinarily hot temperatures, allowing Ta-Matoran to to weld and shape Kanohi. Vakama used a firestaff to make masks when he was a Matoran and kept it after he became a Toa. He used it to craft the Vahi for Makuta from the six Great Disks. Vakama also continued to use his staff as his Badge of Office after he became a Turaga. Both Turaga Dume and Lhikan used Firestaffs as well for their Badge of Office.

Tahnok Va also used firestaffs, in both offensive and defensive ways. They also used them as a light source through the dark areas in Mata Nui. The Firestaff later became useless when the Tahnok Va and the rest of the Bohrok swarm returned to their slumber after cleansing Mata Nui.

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