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My son has been trying to register for access to this site. He is a huge Bionicle fan and knows just about everything about them. Each time we have tried to register it states: "We are unable to register you at this time." Can we please get some help with registering? Thank you.

Thomas Austad

Hmm...that's curious. I just created a test account, and it worked just fine, so I'm not sure what the problem could be. Here's what you can do: send me an email at with the username you'd like, and then I'll try to create the account for you and email you the password. Then, you can change the password to whatever you'd like. With any luck, that should work. -Daiku{Whine Here} {Look what I did!} 14:08, December 14, 2011 (UTC)
I sent you an e-mail with his username he wants. Thank you for your help.
Thomas Austad
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