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BP Results
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Nay 8
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Yay 2
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(The archive of the old version of this page before the end of the vote can be found at Lego Bionicle:Move From Wikia.)

Recently, The administrators of both BIONICLEpedia and the administrators of Custom BIONICLE Wiki have decided that we want to move off the Wikia platform.

For more information, please click here (credit to Toa Auserv for writing it from a balanced point of view).

Both BP and CB wikis will be moved to a paid hosting platform.

The meeting decided that if the community votes yes, then we will move. The community decided to vote yes as well, so we will be moving.

More info on other things passed during the meeting can be read here.

The timeline will go like this:

  • Community voting begins
  • Meeting
  • Community voting for CBW ends
  • Community Voting for BP ends
  • Contact Wikia
  • Lock DB
  • Export DB
  • Export Images

~~~~New Host~~~~

  • Lock DB & Disable registration
  • Import DB
  • Import Images
  • Implement fixes
  • Test
  • Unlock DB & Enable registration


  • Turn this site into a wiki about set info, and link to both BS01 and the new B-pedia for storyline information.
  • Complete!

Note that you will have to re-register seeing as Wikia will not hand over the user database, but your username will be protected until you register it (You have to register it with the same password as your Wikia password, to make sure you're the real you).

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Panakalego (BPAdmin) and the Bioniclepedia administration.

-Are we going get the pages?--Torongo 03:23, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

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