Frost Beetle
Frost Beetle
Species Information
ColorsWhite, Gray, Silver
Species StatusUnknown
From what Nuju has told me, it might almost be better to let the Visorak have these creatures. With the Knowledge Towers now unguarded, there is no telling what damage they might do if they find a way inside. Whatever the truth is about these things. I have a feeling they are quite smart enough now.
— Rahaga Norik, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

Frost Beetles were big beetle-like Rahi.


The Frost Beetles were insectoid Rahi that were heavily armored and had razor-sharp claws to defend themselves from predators. They could easily drive away other smaller Rahi and claim most of Ko-Metru, but instead they spend most of their time trying to force their way into Knowledge Towers in Ko-Metru and try to comsume the Memory Crystals there (that grows into new Knowledge Towers).

A theory (once proposed by Matoro) is that they actually absorb knowledge from the crystals they consumed, share it through a sort of hive-mind, and so increasing the intelligence of the entire species. Though it is farfetched, it would explain their behavior.

These creatures were never seen on Mata Nui and it is unknown whether or not they migrated to Spherus Magna with the other surviving Rahi species.



  • Mutran once threatened to turn Vamprah into a Frost Beetle.
  • This model was designed by Daniel Mueller.