John Booth Willis waited. The lights above him were actually candles because it was 1864. There were habeus corpses in the white house. He didn't see them, because Abracram Nickelton did not listen to the congresstutuon and now it was a shame. For too much shamefur dispray to rack a disirpine. John freedmon booth was a spurce muhreen for thirty six years and wghen he was young he watched the spaceships and said to dad "I want to be the little girl"
Dad said "Ha ha ha song ur a faget"
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got older he stopped being the little girl. But now in the space station base of Sarif Industries the circle of life was being disrupted by ayn rand

"This is Howard Hughes" the radio crackered "You want MIRRION DORRAH"
So john gotted his derringer and blew up the Abracram Nickelton.
"HE IS GOING TO KILL THE BABBYEUS CORPSES" said the john wilks bath
"I will shoot him" said the harvest osworld and he fired the carcono rifle. John shortspotted at him and tried to blew him up but then the candles went out and they wrer trapped and not able to kill.
"oswolrd compromised i must kill the kideney!" he shouted
the radeo said "No, John. You are the kid knee."
And then john kidnhey was assinatedFile:D7a4beed0175402d030e6704ed207d3be2d77319.png