Ga koro bridge

Ga-Koro Bridge

The Ga-Koro Bridge was a bridge that connected the village of Ga-Koro to the Ga-Koro Beach. The gate to the bridge was opened by a balance that when loaded with enough stones the gate would open. It was usually guarded by two Ga-Koro guards. During the attack of the Bohrok on Ga-Koro, Macku, Kotu, and Hahli destroyed the bridge to seal off Ga-Koro from the invading Pahrak. The bridge was rebuilt when Ga-Koro was renovated after the conflict with the Bohrok-Kal. The bridge, along with the rest of Ga-Koro, was abandoned when the Matoran left Mata Nui for Metru Nui, and subsequently destroyed by the Bohrok swarms when they were released again to cleanse the island.


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