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Ga-Matorans Vhisola and Shasa guard Ga-Koro

Co-Chief Maku with a Ga-Koro Defense Force Boat

The Ga-Koro Defense Force was a part of the Mata Nui Military that was commanded by Hahli and Macku. It was commanded by Ga-Matoran with the rank of Co-Chief. It was tasked with patrolling and defending Ga-Wahi and Ga-Koro.

Known Members

It is assumed that every villager in Ga-Koro was at least part-time on the Defense Force, taking turns patrolling Ga-Wahi and Ga-Koro Beach and guarding the Ga-Koro Bridge. This has not been proven.

Shasa in the Ga-Koran Defense Force

Maku patrols Ga-Wahi while a Ga-Koro Defense Force Boat passes by.


The Ga-Koro Defense Force patrolled Ga-Wahi with green motorized Boats. They carried Bamboo Poles as weapons and some also had black and blue Bamboo Disks.

Co-Chief Maku (second from right) holding a Ga-Koro Bamboo Disk

Kolhii Sticks were also occasionally used, although were less common. The Defense Force used Kolhii Sticks to destroy the Ga-Koro Bridge at the start of the Battle of Ga-Koro. They also surrounded Ga-Koro with Bamboo Poles to keep Rahi out. Additionally, Ga-Koro has a moveable Underwater Hut which the Defense Force uses in times of attack to temporarily evacuate the Matoran from a battle in the village. During the Bohrok War, the Force used several Keras crabs that the Ussalry managed to tame- after the war they were released and constantly given Ruki Fish.

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