Biographical Information
Species Matoran (mutated)
Group None
Mask Great Hau
Colors Matoran: Red, others
Mutated: Red, orange, white, gold, yellow, lime, grey, dark blue and green
Element/Powers Fire (Inactive)
Homeland Nynrah
Occupation None
Tools Swords, wings
Location Unknown
Status Reanimated
Pronunciation GAR-duss
"I had not thought of the star in so long. Not since the death of the Nynrah. The star was why I stayed in the Nynrah’s village for so long after my escape. Now I wonder if what I was waiting for was up there, not down among the land and water."
—Gaardus to Pohatu and Kopaka, The Powers That Be

Gaardus was a Ta-Matoran who was transformed into a monster-like being by Nynrah exiles.


Early LifeEdit

Gaardus was originally a Ta-Matoran. He was apparently happy and content on his home island. However, a group of exiled Nynrah Ghosts took him away and experimented on him so their island could be protected. They accidentally transformed him into a winged Rahi-like monster. He hunted them all down and killed them. Afterwards, he died of an unknown cause and was transported to the Red Star. After being teleported back, the Red Star's teleportation system broke, causing anyone teleported there afterwards to be trapped.

Spherus MagnaEdit

He later escaped out of the Great Spirit Robot by blending in with Rahi. He went on hunting, and eventually found Tren Krom, who, before his death, planted the image of the Red Star in his mind. He hadn't witnessed much of Tren Krom's death, as a strong wind had knocked him from his position in the trees, and by the time he was able to look again, the being was gone, but he knew someone had been there. He then scavenged from what was left.

Kopaka and Pohatu, while investigating Karzahni's death, had found Tren Krom, and noticed Gaardus in the trees. Kopaka froze his wings and asked him what he was, and Gaardus told the two about his early life. He soon agreed to take them to the Red Star again, and encountered three Kestora who knew Gaardus. The Kestora discussed Gaardus's actions last time he was on the star, and began debating on what to do with the three. Pohatu quickly disarmed the Kestora, and Kopaka froze them. During this time Gaardus disappeared.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Gaardus originally bore rage towards the Nynrah Ghosts that mutated him, but eventually lost most of it during his migration on to Spherus Magna.

Powers and ToolsEdit

As with all Ta-Matoran, Gaardus possessed inaccessible Elemental Fire powers; this manifested in the form of a natural resistance to heat and fire.

Ever since his transformation, Gaardus gained wings with which he could fly, his senses were enhanced, and he gained four arms. Additionally, he gained the power to teleport, but only to places he had already visited. He holds four blades, one looking like a flame staff, although he is never described using it. Two of the blades look like Skrall swords.

Set InformationEdit


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