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Biographical Information
Species Gadunka (species)
Group Rahi
Colors Fluorescent Blue, Dark Blue, Silver
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Tools Squid Launcher
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Guh-dunk-ah
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Gadunka was once a tiny Rahi who was enlarged by the Ignika.


This specific Gadunka was originally a normal, one-inch Gandunka that scuttled around the seafloor of the Pit. When Nocturn placed the Kanohi Ignika on the ground near it, Gadunka crawled under the mask as shelter, unknowingly exposing itself to the Kanohi's energy. After Nocturn left with the Mask of Life, the beast began to grow until it reached a gigantic size.

Gadunka later battled Toa Mahri Hewkii to try and claim the Ignika, and was easily defeating the Toa of Stone until Nuparu and Hahli came, the latter sweeping Gadunka away with a tidal wave.

Later, it challenged the Toa Mahri again with the 300-foot Venom Eel. Gadunka again knocked Hewkii unconscious and was battering Nuparu when it saw the Ignika. It took the Mask of Life from Matoro, causing itself to devolve back to its original tiny form. After the incident, it was eaten by a Takea Shark.

Personality and Traits[]

Despite being enlarged, Gadunka's intelligence had not changed. It was still driven by the two thoughts it had before: eat and survive. It, along with the rest of its species, was also territorial, willing to defeat any competition that got in its way for any small piece of land.

Powers and Equipment[]

This enlarged Rahi possessed sharp teeth, powerful claws, and large eyes. After it was enlarged, Gadunka acquired a squid Launcher by picking it up after finding it on the ground. It also gained the ability to devolve any beings back to their original form. This also applied to Gadunka.


Gadunka in the instructions

Set information[]

  • Gadunka's piece count is 176
  • Gadunka's set number is 8922
  • Gadunka's top piece glows in the dark.
  • His cranial piece was only ever available in his set.


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