Biographical Information
Species Bahrag
Group Bohrok
Mask None
Colors Red
Element/Powers Fire, Ice, Water, Acid, Stone, Earth
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation One of two Queens of the Swarms
Tools None
Location Mata Nui
Status Alive
Pronunciation Gah-dohk

Gahdok was a Bahrag and the red queen of the Bohrok. She and her sister, Cahdok, controlled the Krana and donned their powers.

Bohrok SwarmEdit

When Teridax prematurely awakened the Bohrok, Gahdok and Cahdok gave the Bohrok their quest to return Mata Nui to the "before time". The Toa and Matoran fought the Bohrok, but little did they know cleaning the island was necessary to awakening Mata Nui. They controlled the swarms from the Mata Nui Bohrok Nest. Gahdok and Cahdok were found when Kopaka followed a Bohrok Va back to the nest. Gahdok and Cahdok battled with the Toa. The Toa wore the Exo-Toa suits, but the armor disabled use of the Toa's elemental powers. The Toa shed their armor and combined their powers to trap the queens in a protodermis seal.


If the Bahrag were defeated, the Bohrok-Kal would be awakened. The Kal stole the Toa Nuva's Nuva Symbols and inteded to free the Bahrag by inserting them on the Nuva Cube. The Bohrok-Kal were defeated, and the Bahrag remained in their cage.


Axonn gave the Toa Nuva a mission to free the Bahrag. The Toa traveled back to the nest and combined their powers to free the twin rulers. Thus, the Bahrag commanded the Bohrok to "clean up" Mata Nui.

Bohrok (v|e)
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