Gate Guardian
Gate Guardian2
Species Information
ColorsBlack, Dark Red, Orange
WeaponsClaws, pincers
Species StatusUnknown
Although this is not a sea creature, I am the one best suited to comment on it. Gate Guardians are vicious little cowards, hiding behind a false front so they can attack at will. It is bad enough the Visorak came to Metru Nui without bringing these foul creatures with them.
— Rahaga Gaaki, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

A Gate Guardian was a large Rahi that projected an image of a smaller vision of itself while keeping its real form invisible. They were an ally of the Visorak. They walked on two legs and had two heads, one on each side of their body. Enemies often exhausted themselves trying to bring down the small Guardian they thought they were looking at, never knowing their true opponent was hidden from them.

Toa Hordika Nokama and Rahaga Gaaki encountered one in the Great Temple while retrieving Kanohi for their new lives on the island above. The Gate Guardian kept them from advancing and Nokama attempted to fight it, but was knocked senseless. Gaaki revealed that it was an illusion by firing a Rhotuka spinner at it, the spinner disappeared before it hit the illusion. Nokama then used a water spinner to find where the real one was by following its outline when doused in water. Her Hordika side went rampant and she tried to kill the Gate Guardian when Gaaki stopped her.

Set Information[]

  • The Gate Guardian model could be constructed by combining the 2005 Visorak Vohtarak and Visorak Oohnorak sets.

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