Glatorian Arena 2
Online Game Information
Availability Unavailable
Platform Online
Controls Arrow Keys, A, S
engine Unity

Glatorian Arena 2 was an online game on This game is an update of Glatorian Arena, with more locations and characters.


  • Rookie
  • Veteran
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Golden


  • Arrow Keys - Character movement.
    • Up + Down - Heal. Health can be restored up to the top of the current bar, but the Life Counter cannot be turned by healing. Taking damage interrupts healing.
    • Left + Right - Taunt. Taunting reluctant enemies aggravates them and makes them more likely to attack, but the player is vulnerable whilst taunting.
  • A - A light attack that deals little damage but is very fast.
    • A + Up - A heavy attack that is very slow and easily interrupted, but does large amounts of damage.
    • A + Opposite direction to enemy - Fire a Thornax fruit. The blue Thornax meter must be completely full to perform this move, and recharges whilst not in use.
  • S - A blocking maneuver that can parry enemy blows.
    • S + Up or Down - Flip/cartwheel sideways and back in the chosen direction, reducing the chance of being struck with an attack.
    • S + Opposite direction to enemy - Back-flip away from the enemy and automatically fire a Thornax upon landing, performing Gresh's signature move. The blue Thornax meter must be completely full to perform this move.

Playable Characters[]


  • Vulcanus Arena - The default arena. Here you can fight other Glatorian, including Mata Nui, Kiina, Vastus, Gelu and Stronius.
  • Vulcanus village - Here you can talk to some Agori.
  • Arena Magna - Unlocked after Veteran Award and Round Table awards are obtained. Here you can fight other Glatorian, including Gresh, Tarix, Strakk, a Vorox, a Skrall and Malum.

Awards and Medals[]

  • Rookie - Completing the Rookie League
  • Veteran - Completing the Veteran League
  • Elite - Completing the Copper League
  • Champion - Completing the Silver League
  • Legend - Completing the Golden League
  • Focused Trainer - Spend five points on any one score
  • Specialist - Spend ten points on any one score
  • Rock Steady - Having two hundred hit points
  • Indestructible! - Having three hundred hit points
  • Bull Strength - Heavy melee damage twenty-five
  • Wrecking Machine - Heavy melee damage thirty-five
  • Bullet Breaker - Thornax Reduction fifteen
  • Bullet Proof - Thornax Reduction twenty
  • Sharp Shooter - Thornax Damage is thrity-five
  • Thornax Cannon - Thornax Damage is fifty
  • Gladiator - Having fought fifty fights
  • Destined Warrior - Having fought one hundread fights
  • Welcome Rookie - Win two fights in Rookie League
  • Brawler - Winning five Challenge fights
  • Fighter - Winning ten Challenge fights
  • Warrior - Winning twent-five Challenge fights
  • Grinder - Winning fifty Challenge fights
  • Hard Hitter - Take out a full health tab in one hit
  • Acrobat - Use Back Flip Fire four times during a fight
  • Bionic Barrier - Make ten successful parries during a fight
  • Six Shooter - Having fired six regular Thornax shots during a fight
  • Combat Bully - Use taunt five times during a fight
  • Artful Dodger - Dodge ten attacks during a fight
  • Blast From The Past - Beat the six Glatorian in Arena Magna
  • Combat Medic - Heal thirty Hit Points during a fight
  • Dominator - Win a fight without taking damage
  • Nemesis - Beat the same opponent ten times
  • Pacifist - Win a fight without hitting the opponent
  • Perfectionist - Win a fight with 100% hit rate
  • Punching Bag - Losing ten Challenge fights
  • Round Table - Having talked to all Agori
  • Skrall Nemesis - Beat Skrall and Stronius

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