Glatorian Arena 3
GA3 Main Screen
Online Game Information
Availability No longer available
Platform PC
Controls Keyboard
engine Unity

Glatorian Arena 3 was the third game in the Glatorian Arena series. It can be downloaded on


In Glatorian Arena 3, the player is a Glatorian, trying to defeat their opponent in the arena.


  • A - Light attack
  • A + Up key - Heavy attack
  • A + Down key - Jump kick (Unlocked after winning the second fight)
  • A + Back key - Thornax shoot
  • S - Shield
  • S + Back key - Back flip launch (Unlocked after winning the fifth fight)
  • S + Up or Down - Sidestep
  • Esc - Pause

Multiplayer controls[]

  • A - Light attack
  • A + R - Heavy attack
  • A + F - Jump kick
  • A + D - Thornax launch
  • S - Shield
  • S + D - Back flip launch
  • S + R or F - Sidestep
Player 2[]
  • O - Light attack
  • O + Up key - Heavy attack
  • O + Down key - Jump kick
  • O + Back key - Thornax launch
  • P - Shield
  • P + Back key - Back flip launch
  • P + Up or Down - Sidestep


  • Jump Kick Move
  • All 12 Glatorian Are Available To Play As
  • More battle arenas than just 2 (1 from each game)
  • Video clips from BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn after all other 11 Glatorian are defeated
  • Multi-Player
  • Quick Play
  • All characters unlocked from the beginning
  • Game is played in fullscreen
  • Matoran letters appear in Main Room after you win a fight
  • Voice during battle

Taken Away[]

  • Leagues, both
  • Medals, both
  • Ouskirt Area, both
  • Banners Added After Other Glatorain Is Defeated, both
  • Not Available On, both
  • Spikeball Match, #1 only

Navigation Areas[]

  • Arena Vulcanus, the arena from the 2nd version of this game, this arena is the only one in which there is something that can harm opponents, which would be the fire.
  • The Scarabax Caves, a canyon embeded with purple crystals.
  • Arena Magna, the arena from the 1st and 2nd versions of the game.
  • Arena Magna Fight Night, same as Arena Magna, except at night and darker.
  • The Main Room, where you select your character(s).

Playable Characters[]

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