Gold Being's Fortress
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Location Information
Primary ResidentsGolden-Skinned Being, Skakdi
Former Residents
LocationSpherus Magna
Sizebigger than Metru Nui (possibly)

The Gold Being's Fortress was a huge fort created by the Gold Skinned Being on Spherus Magna. It was made on a cliff near a beach on the new planet after a discussion with some Skakdi. The castle had stone walls, and the towers were completely armed. According to Kopaka, the fort could possibly fit Metru Nui and still have leftover space.

The fortress was visited by Annona a little after it's creation. Annona was able to float up the cliffs and distract the Skakdi guarding the door with illusions. Sahmad, Telluris, and Metus, who teleported with Annona, witnessed most of it. The golden being then came out of the fortress. Annona told the being that she wanted to eat the dreams of the Skakdi, while the golden being told her that they needed the dreams. The gold being then attacked Annona by creating spikes beneath her.

During the battle, the fortress began to fade, eventually to the point where it no longer existed.

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