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Golden Armor
Animation Golden Armor
Item Information
Primary User(s)Intended for Tahu
Primary Location

The Golden Armor was an armor created by the Ignika intended to be used by Tahu. It was a contingency plan in case Kraata ever got out of control. The armor is able to project raw energy, enough to kill an entire army of Rahkshi by frying the Kraata inside, breaking the suits. It also increased Tahu's power overall. According to the commercial it makes the bearer invincible.

The armor was created by the Ignika on Bara Magna after the mask told Tahu about it in an illusion. However, a blast spreads the armor all over the desert. Tahu and Takanuva then went after the various pieces.

Gresh found a piece lying in the desert and found another being held by a Skrall. He knew whatever he found must have been important, so he fought off the Skrall heading toward him and claimed a second piece.

Takanuva finds two Rahkshi of Heat Vision with a piece of the armor. To defeat them, he creates a hologram of himself and the Rahkshi blast each other with their own powers.

Tahu, meanwhile, is fighting Nektann, who also has a piece of the armor. Nektann is about to kill Tahu, but Tahu defeats Nektann by melting him. He claims the last piece of the armor, meets up with Takanuva and Gresh, and puts on the armor pieces. An army of Rahkshi then arrive near the trio. Tahu's fire powers are then streamed through the armor, completely melting the Kraata inside and deactivating the Rahkshi.

Set Information


A promotional poster featuring the Gold Armor.

One part of the Golden Armor was included in every BIONICLE Stars set. The pieces could replace different parts of Tahu's armor, except for the Shield.

  • The shield was a golden Magnetism Shield, found with the Rahkshi.
  • The armor was the armor pieces found all over the stars, found with Gresh, Piraka, and Takanuva.
  • The mask was the Hau made for the stars, found with Tahu.
  • The sword hilt was a Toa Nuva shoulder armor piece. It was found with the Skrall.
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