Golden Mask of Ice
Golden Mask of Ice
Golden Mask of Ice
Power(s)Control over ice
Notable Wearer(s)Kopaka

The Golden Mask of Ice was a golden Mask of Power forged by Ekimu and worn by Kopaka.


The Golden Mask of Ice allowed the wearer to control the elemental power of ice.


The Golden Mask of Ice was made by Ekimu ages ago, and left on the shrine in the Region of Ice for Kopaka to claim it. When the destined Toa did claim it, he used it to battle Skull Spiders. In the fight against Kulta the mask was broken, and later repaired by Ekimu.


Once Kopaka claimed it, he used it to fend off a horde of Skull Spiders, create his Frost Shield, and form an ice sphere around him and the Protector of Ice.

After a battle with the Lord of Skull Spiders, Kopaka and the other Toa heard Ekimu communicating to them via their masks. He praised them on their valor, and reminded them they were to find his final resting place in the Ancient City and, guided by their masks, Kopaka and the Toa obliged.


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