Golden Mask of Jungle
Golden Mask of Jungle
Golden Mask of Jungle
Power(s)Control over Jungle
Notable Wearer(s)Lewa

The Golden Mask of Jungle was a mask created by Ekimu and worn by Lewa.


The Golden Mask of Jungle granted the wearer the ability to control the element of Jungle .


The Golden Mask of Jungle was forged by Ekimu many years ago,

Drained Golden Mask of Jungle


and left on the shrine in the Region of Jungle for Lewa to claim. When the Toa of Jungle did claim it, he used it to battle Skull Spiders.

After travelling through the Ancient City, Lewa seperated from the group and discovered the Arena, where his mask was stolen by Skull Slicer, who wore it and drained it. After a short battle, the Toa were able to reclaim the mask and returned it to Lewa.

Later on, when confronting Kulta in the Forge, the villain knocked the masks from Lewa's and the other Toa's faces in a single move, nearly destroying it. After Ekimu defeated the leader of the Skull Villains, he repaired the Toa's masks and returned them to their rightful owners.


Lewa used the Golden Mask of Jungle to form his Battle Axes from his Swords and X-Glider, allowing him to defend the Protector of Jungle from a hoard of Skull Spiders.

Later, after a battle with the Lord of Skull Spiders, Lewa and the other Toa heard the Mask Maker Ekimu communicating to them through their masks, congratulating them. He then told them to find his resting place in the Ancient City and, with their masks guiding them, Lewa and the Toa set off to do so.


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