Golden Mask of Stone
Golden Mask of Stone
Golden Mask of Stone
Power(s)Control over stone
Notable Wearer(s)Pohatu

The Golden Mask of Stone was a golden Mask of Power created by Ekimu, and later used by Pohatu.


The Golden Mask of Stone could grant the user the elemental power of stone.

History []

The Golden Mask of Stone was forged by Ekimu some time ago and left on the shrine in the Region of Stone for Pohatu to claim. When the Toa of Stone did claim it, he used it to battle Skull Spiders. When Pohatu battled the Skull Skorpios his mask was taken and was returned after Lewa defeated them. In the battle against Kulta, it was damaged and later repaired by Ekimu.


When Pohatu claimed the mask, it allowed him to use his Stormerangs and defeat Skull Spiders. He then used it to create a sandstorm and defeat the hoard of Skull Spiders, and save the Protector of Stone.

After a battle with the Lord of Skull Spiders, Pohatu and his companion Toa heard Ekimu communicating with them through their masks, congratulating them and telling them to find his resting place and, guided by their masks, Pohatu and the other Toa obeyed.


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