The BIONICLE graphic novels are a series of books consisting of the BIONICLE comics. Each one contains four-five comics average. Most of them contain released comics, others have an exclusive comics, and novel eight is made up of only exclusive comics. Only nine novels were released. A tenth was planned for release, but it was cancelled during production.

Graphic Novels

Exclusive Comics

Comics that have only appeared in the graphic novels:

Graphic Novels
BIONICLE: Volume 1
BIONICLE: The Saga of Takanuva!
Papercutz Series: Rise of the Toa NuvaChallenge of the RahkshiCity of LegendsTrial by FireThe Battle of Voya NuiThe Underwater CityRealm of FearLegends of Bara MagnaThe Fall of AteroPower of the Great Beings (Unreleased) • Journey's End (Unreleased)
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