The BIONICLE graphic novels were a series of books published by Papercutz collecting the LEGO BIONICLE comic series. Most of them contain released comics, while others have exclusive comic; graphic novel #8 consisted only of exclusive comics. Only nine novels were released. A tenth and eleventh volume were originally planned for release, but they were both cancelled during production due to low sales.

Graphic Novels[]

Exclusive Comics[]

These comics have only appeared in the graphic novels:

  • Hydraxon's Tale
  • Rise and Fall of the Skrall
  • An Exile's Tale
  • All Our Sins Remembered
Graphic Novels
BIONICLE: Volume 1
BIONICLE: The Saga of Takanuva!
Papercutz Series: Rise of the Toa NuvaChallenge of the RahkshiCity of LegendsTrial by FireThe Battle of Voya NuiThe Underwater CityRealm of FearLegends of Bara MagnaThe Fall of AteroPower of the Great Beings (Unreleased) • Journey's End (Unreleased)