Nuhvok-Kal's power out of control, turning it into a black hole.
Element Information
Matoran Prefix Ba-
Associated Color(s) Primary: Purple
Secondary: Black
Associated Location(s) Ba-Koro

Gravity was a fundamental Element involving pressure manipulation in the Matoran Universe and Spherus Magna. It was one of the rarest of all elements, and it was used by only a small number of Toa, Turaga and Matoran.

Toa of Gravity were extremely powerful, wielding near-perfect control over the element, while a Ba-Matoran was simply more resistant to intense pressure. Turaga of Gravity had powers somewhere in the middle.

All users of this element had a passive resistance to gravity extremes, protecting them from the crushing depths of an ocean, or other sources of immense pressure.


  • Levitating objects.
  • Increasing gravity.
  • Manipulating gravity to fly.
  • Unleashing a Gravity Nova Blast. (Toa-exclusive)
  • Creating a black hole.
  • Changing gravity to an extent which allows the user to walk sideways or upside-down on solid surfaces.


With all wielding different elements, six Toa could combine their powers to create a Protodermis Cage, capable of sealing away powerful beings, such as the likes of Makuta Teridax, or the Bahrag Queens. Freeing trapped entities required a shard of the prison to be charged with the same elemental powers used to construct it. 

Beings other than Toa could not combine their powers at all, making them the only ones able to do so.


  • Nuhvok-Kal - Formerly; now destroyed
  • Any wearer of a Kanohi Garai
  • All Kraata and Rahkshi of Gravity
  • Most Makuta
  • Takutanuva - Formerly; now unmerged
  • Ba-Matoran - Inaccessible
  • All Toa of Gravity
    • A Toa from Varian's Team
    • A Toa killed by Lariska
    • A Toa of the first Toa Team - Now deceased
  • Turaga of Gravity - Reduced
  • Skakdi of Gravity - Only when used with another Skakdi.


  • Gravity was first introduced with 2003's Nuhvok-Kal, although it was not mentioned as a Toa element until 2005's BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap.
  • All Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Gravity were male.
  • Few Ba-Matoran or Toa of Gravity exist; they were considered extremely rare.
  • Gravity did not allow its user to absorb their own element.
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