Great Beings' Laboratory
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The Great Beings' Laboratory was a cave-like structure located in Tajun.


The cave was used by the Great Beings to design Mata Nui's body 100,000 years ago. After planning and construction were completed, the Great Beings evacuated Spherus Magna, leaving the lab behind. The Great Beings also created the Element Lords here. When the Shattering occurred, the lab ended up on Bara Magna.

Thousands of years later, Kiina discovered the lab. When Tajun was attacked, Gresh was in the village and was injured. Kiina then led Ackar and Mata Nui to the lab with Gresh so he could be healed. At this time, they learned that Berix had also discovered the cave.

The lab's walls were covered with Matoran letters shaped like hexagons. Inside the cave were pictures of the resources that were plentiful on Bara Magna at one time. A staircase also led to the plans used to construct Mata Nui's body. The Ignika then opened a door-type structure, revealing a staircase. They went down it to find a room filled with the plans for a giant robot. This told Mata Nui a little about his past.

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