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Once a year, Glatorian from all over Bara Magna gather together to battle for the right to be called champion.
— Narration, Comic 2: The Fall of Atero

The Great Tournament was an annual tournament hosted in Arena Magna on Bara Magna, from the events of The Shattering up to the final battle between Mata Nui and Teridax. During the event, Glatorian would gather to battle each other to claim the title of Champion. There was no official prize other than the glory of victory a Glatorian had brought to their tribe and themselves. It is likely that there were actually two simultaneous tournaments- a vehicles tournament and a Glatorian warriors tournament, although it seems that the Glatorian tournament is far more popular.


Shortly after The Shattering, The Great Tournament was developed as part of a new social system, giving Glatorian a chance to prove their worth. Tribes prepared for the tournament by holding battles, inviting competing Glatorian from other villages to fight in their arena, raising the anticipation level for the tournament. Several Agori from various villages were sent to Arena Magna in the days beforehand to refurbish the building and prepare it for the upcoming event.

At the start of the final tournament match, a massive Skrall army marched on Atero. The match ended when Glatorian and Agori rushed to defend the city from the surprise attack. Ultimately, the Glatorian and Agori were forced to flee as the Arena Magna fell under the overwhelming Skrall.

After the social system was rejected by the Agori in the aftermath of the attack on Tajun, the Great Tournament ceased to be held.

Known Champions[]


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