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Some of the contents of this article are non-canon, meaning that they are not a part of the BIONICLE story. Be warned that this article is about as true as Maku's love for Hewkii.

Griffin Gauntlet
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Weapon Information
FunctionCreating a ring of Protodermis Crystals around an enemy that will eventually crush them
StatusUnknown, only 10 made

The Griffin Gauntlet is a weapon made on Xia that traps it's victim in a ring of crystal Protodermis and then crush them. It would be very useful against Makuta.


Shortly after the Great Disruption Makuta Miserix discovered a prophecy hinting on an attack of a faction probably as powerful as his Brotherhood. Miserix did not tell any of his brothers, fearing hotheads like Icarax and Gorast would stop working and start preparing for that war. Using reports from Destral’s library of forbidden knowledge, he created plans for a weapon that the Makuta could use against this unknown threat. He ordered a Toa named Gaaki, who his fellow-Makuta Teridax had just reluctantly accepted as a Hagah, to bring the plans (encased in a knowledge crystal) to Xia; with ten vials of energized Protodermis as payment. Vortixx unlike the Nynrah kept silent as long as they got payed. Gaaki handed everything over to a Vortixx who knew how Miserix usually ordered prototype weapons. However only a few weeks later news of Miserix’ death and his replacement by the Makuta of Metru Nui had travelled to Xia. The Vortixx stopped work on the first series of prototypes and enjoyed his payment in advance. Ten thousands of years would pass until the very same Toa, Gaaki, would discover an abandoned laboratory underneath a collapsed factory. Gaaki and her comrades had just dealt with a fight between two monstrous Rahi on Xia that had destroyed almost half of the infrastructure and had cost many lives among the Vortixx. On their search for survivors she had come to a strangely familiar district, that she realized was where she had been dispatched to so long ago. Astonished Gaaki and her five partners found a set of ten black gauntlets with crystal blue talons. It was Toa Iruini who discovered the plans Miserix had once sketched. After reading the notes Iruini took a step back in shock. These gauntlets were strong enough to fight someone as powerful as a Makuta. The wearer of the gauntlet would need to make physical contact with his foe. Instantly the three talons would create a matrix encasing the victim with a ring of crystal-like Protodermis. Oscillations of the crystals would increase the pressure of that ring until the armor and whoever stuck in it would get crushed. Unknowing that the threat Miserix had foreseen was the Brotherhood itself, he had created a weapon that could give the light side in the universe an edge over his former fellows.


  • The Griffin Gauntlet was made by BZPower member Toa of Kenn.
  • Greg Farshtey did not canonize the history of the Griffin Gauntlet, only its function and appearance.
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