Biographical Information
Species Kraata (Rahkshi)
Group Brotherhood of Makuta
Mask None
Colors Blue and dark grey
Element/Powers Disintegration
Homeland Mangaia
Occupation Servant of Makuta
Tools Staff of Disintegration
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation GOO-rahk
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Guurahk were Rahkshi of Disintegration, and one of forty-two possible breeds of Rahkshi.


A Guurahk was created by Makuta Teridax to seek out the Avohkii and prevent anyone from bearing it. Its search led it, along with a Panrahk and a Lerahk, to Ta-Koro, where it helped in the destruction of the city. It then followed Takua and Jaller to Ko-Wahi, where Kopaka froze it in a lake. After Guurahk, Panrahk and Lerahk were bound in ice, Makuta summoned Vorahk, Kurahk and Turahk to prevent Takua and Jaller from finding the seventh Toa.


Guurahk, Lerahk and Panrahk using their powers

The Guurahk later managed to escape from the layer of ice and traveled to Kini-Nui, where it was defeated by the Toa Nuva when it was imprisoned inside a block of glass along with Lerahk and Panrahk. It was later disassembled to build the Ussanui.

Abilities and Traits[]

Guurahk was a skilled planner and intelligent. This type would spend hours observing an enemy's weaknesses and powers before striking. Its Kraata was sand blue metallic/medium blue.

Guurahk was chosen by Teridax because its power was the enemy of creation, the prospect of Po-Matoran. It was also the strongest Rahkshi sent by Teridax. Its staff could fire a funnel of energy, disintegrating anything in its path.

Set Information[]

No weakness can be hidden from the eyes of Guurahk! He can instantly analyze any obstacle, find a weak spot, and then use his Staff of Power to make the obstacle crack and collapse.[1]

  • A Guurahk was released as a canister set in 2003. Its set number was 8590.
  • Guurahk contained 45 pieces.
  • Rahkshi sets were the first ones to implement knee articulation, which became commonplace after 2003.



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