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A Hahnah Crab was a crab-like Rahi that inhabited the Pit.

Jaller's Hahnah

One member of the species was attracted to the heat and light produced by Toa Mahri Jaller's sword during the Toa Mahri's escape from the undersea caves the Barraki put the Toa in. Ever since then, it followed him. Upon seeing it, Jaller wondered if he had seen Toa Mata Tahu the same way when he had first arrived on Mata Nui.

The crab saved Kongu from a vampiric sea squid by ripping the organic creature apart. It also distracted Mantax by firing a Cordak blaster, allowing Jaller to close in on both the Barraki and the Ignika.

When the Toa Mahri were teleported back to Metru Nui, the Crab was left behind.

Behind the Sets

Jaller Mahri Ani

Jaller with a Hahnah Crab

  • On the Toa Mahri Jaller set, the Hahnah Crab was included in the set and could be attached by a chain to his Cordak Blaster, which it carried.
  • The Hahnah crab was sometimes seen on Jaller's back, such as in the Toa Mahri Mini Movie.

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