Hand of Artakha

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Hand of Artakha
Hand of Artakha Information
Species AffliationDifferent species
AlliesMatoran, Toa, Turaga, Artakha
GoalTo follow the will of Mata Nui

The Hand operated for more than 200 years, challenging threats to the new universe created by the Great Beings as well as stopping a number of natural disasters.BIONICLE: Encyclopedia Updated

The Hand of Artakha was an ancient organization that predated even the Toa and the Order of Mata Nui. However, Toa became the main protectors of the Matoran Universe when the Hand disbanded over 90,000 years ago. At this time, it was decided that their acts caused more harm than good. Only a few former Hand of Artakha members are currently known. Most Order of Mata Nui members were originally from this disbanded group, although Botar and Brutaka were not.

Known Former Members

Known Former Servants

Hand of Artakha
Former Members: HelryxAxonnHydraxon"Shadow Stealer"
Former Servants: UmbraEnergy Hounds (Spinax)
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