Harakeke Plant
Harakeke Plant
Item Information
Primary User(s)Ga-Matoran
Primary LocationGa-Wahi
FunctionalitiesMaterial for Flax

The Harakeke Plant was a type of plant which grew mainly in Ga-Wahi, along the beach, and was also found growing along the lily pads that hold up the seaweed huts that the Ga-Matoran live in. It was commonly used to make a type of flax, that many people needed around the island of Mata Nui.



Hahli cutting Harakeke with a Sickle

Harakeke plants, along with many Cowrie Shells, are the main ingredients for Flax, which is needed everywhere on Mata Nui.

Flax-making process[]

As an assistant Flax Maker, Hahli cut down Harakeke plants, collected cowrie shells and took them to Amaya, who then made the flax. To make flax, Amaya would rub the cowrie shells on Harakeke leaves that had been placed on a loom, thus exposing the fibers that could be bundled into flax. Hahli was then told who to deliver it to.