Heart of the Visorak
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Item Information
Primary User(s)None
Primary LocationNone
FunctionalitiesSummons Visorak to its location when placed on the ground

The Heart of the Visorak was a golden crystal that summoned all Visorak to its location when placed on the ground.


Not much is know about the early history of the Heart of the Visorak. It was created as a way to summon the Visorak to any location needed.

The Toa Nuva were required to find it, as it was an item on the Scroll of Preparations. Pohatu and Onua were the ones who retrieved it.

A short time after Matoro's death, the Order of Mata Nui agent known as Johmak gave the Heart of the Visorak to The Toa Mahri. She told them to take it to the island of Artidax and place it in the ground. Doing this would summon every Visorak in existence to the island and the species would be wiped out as one of Artidax's many volcanoes erupted. Jaller, Hahli and Nuparu took the heart to Artidax. When they arrived, Takadox, who had been resisting on the island for a period of time, attacked them and put them in a trance. He then abandoned them and stole their boat. The Toa were saved by Makuta Teridax. They then managed to escape as the volcano erupted, wiping out the Visorak.