Welcome to The Bionicle Wiki! If you're confused on what to do, read this tutorial and find out! If making an article about a major character, first look at the Manual of Style. If you still have questions after reading this, click here.

What is this place?Edit

This is the Wikia wiki about BIONICLE: all the characters, places, things, all kinds of stuff. What's a wiki, you ask?

A Wiki is a free encyclopedia, that is, an encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Look at the top of this page and you'll see a little tab that says "edit this page". When you see that, that means that the page you are on is editable. Not all pages are editable, however.

Some pages on the Wiki are protected. This means that that page cannot be edited by a Normal Level User. This means that too many people have tried to vandalize it, and an administrator protected it.


Getting around a wiki is made possible by links. Links are often blue text that you click on and they take you to another page on the wiki.

To make a link,type this: [[link name here]] However,you may want to call a link something it's title isn't.(ex:you want the Main Page to be called The Bionicle Wiki's Main page)

All you do is:

[[link name here|what you want it called]]

If you are going to make a link to a certain section on another article, type: [[link name#paragraph name]]

External LinksEdit

You can make a link to another website. Type:[Web address]
To call it something else,type: [{Web address} {what you want it called}] Note! Don't forget the space in between the address and title.


Text? Of course you know to type on your keyboard to make words.

Italics Edit

Italic text can be made by typing ''your text here''

Bold Edit

Bold text can be made by typing '''your text here'''

Both Edit

You can also make text bold and italics.To make it,type '''''your text here'''''

Colors Edit

Change the colour (color for American users) like this:<FONT COLOR="# color code here">and when you want the color back to normal, type </FONT COLOR>.

Size Edit

Change the text

size by

typing <FONT SIZE=<Size number>pts>

= An easier way... Edit

Don't want to do that? Need small text fast? Just type <sup> and the text will be small!. Type </sup> to bring it back to normal!

Underlining Edit

To Underline text type <u>text here and to end it type </u>.

Striking Edit

To strike text type <s> text here and to end it type</s>


Most articles are better with pictures. To make one, type: [[Pic name.gif]] This will give you a picture.

To control the size of the picture,type [[Pic name.gif|#px]]

To put the picture on the left or right side of the screen,type this: [[Pic name.gif|left or right]]

And,finally,to give the picture a border and put some text in it,type: [[Pic name.gif|thumb|what you want in the border]]


Titles separate a page into sections. To make one,type:==title name==

A big title is what you getEdit

To make a subtitle,put three = instead of twoEdit

A second subtitle is made by four ='sEdit

Third subtitles are five ='sEdit
Fourth,six ='sEdit


Colons (:)

Users often use these when replying to talk pages.
They can go pretty far.


Categories are what puts articles into the right group. To know all the categories available, click here To put a category on an article type: [[Category:whatever the category is]]


To make a list or jot notes you need the asterisks in front of them. Type * to make a jot:

  • See?
  • It's easy!
    • You can also make mini jots by typing two asterisks!
  • And then get back to your normal list


Like jots, numbers can come in handy when making a numbered lists. To make one, type #

  1. Num 1
  2. Num 2
  3. Num 3
    1. You can also make mini numbers by typing two!
  4. And then get back to your normal list.

Other minor stuffEdit

You can do other things on a wiki too to make the article look better. For example, if you want a blank title, you can just type ----
This will give you a line (don't use too often!):

Also,if you are getting frustrated because you hit ENTER and the pic is still appearing beside the text, you can type <br> and this will automacticly
line you are working on.


To type your signature and date, you type four tildes: ~~~~. To only put your signature, use three tildes, and use five for just the date.



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