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Biographical Information
Species Great Being
Group Great Beings
Mask None
Colors Unknown
Element/Powers None
Homeland Spherus Magna
Tools Unknown if any
Location Unknown
Status Alive
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Heremus was a Great Being, one of the former rulers of Spherus Magna.


Out of a desire to spend more time creating than leading the residents of Spherus Magna, the Great Beings created the Element Lords, tasking them with ruling over the six tribes of Agori. The Lords eventually instigated the Core War over the discovery of Energized Protodermis, and the Great Beings acquired some of the substance for their experiments.

Despite the diplomatic efforts of the Great Beings, the war continued to rage. In response, the Great Beings began to construct the Baterra, robotic assassins intended to destroy the Element Lords and all armed combatants of the war, and Mata Nui, a giant robot that would fix the planet. Heremus participated in the assembly of the Baterra.

Angonce, another Great Being, later christened the giant robot "Mata Nui", programming language for "Great Spirit", after Heremus' hope that the robot would embody the spirit of Spherus Magna. Spherus Magna eventually shattered due to the damage, and Heremus fled with the majority of the Great Beings to another location.