Hoi in the Voya Nui Online Game
Species Information
ColorsOrange, grey
Species StatusAlive
Hoi set form

The Hoi in set form

Hoi, also known as Shore Turtles, were small turtles that used to live on the Metru Nui coastline, and later moved to Mata Nui. On Mata Nui, they lived in the inland swamps of Le-Wahi. The Rahi possessed the strange ability to fly. They were small and slow when walking, but could fly at high speeds. Hoi were harmless and protected by Toa Gali Nuva and the Ga-Matoran.

On Voya Nui, there was a small population of Hoi that lived of the beaches of the Cape of No Hope.


Set Information Edit

  • The Hoi could be made with the Master Builders kit.
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