The Homelands/bases of some of the Dark Hunters have been mentioned (BIONICLE: Dark Hunters) but little is known about them:

  • "The Shadowed One"'s homeland is "a land of shadows and ice". It was a peaceful society until the Dark Hunter codenamed "Ancient" rebelled against the codes of behavior, offering his services to whomever could pay, leaders hired him to crush their enemies and the land entered a civil war. "Tyrant" and "Conjurer" were also natives to this island until their desire for conquest led them elsewhere.
  • After "Tyrant" left, he came to inhabit a small island and later allied with the Dark Hunters. What happened to the island he ruled is not known.
  • After "Conjurer" left, he came to be the warrior-king of a land far south of Voya Nui. He later joined the Dark Hunters and left his kingdom. what happened to the island is not known. It may or may not have links to why he hates water.
  • "Airwatcher" was captured in a native land after killing a Dark Hunter.
  • Firedracax lived on an island far south of Metru Nui. The Visorak later invaded this island.
  • "Guardian" came from an island in the midst of civil war. Different tribes battle against each other, most likely for greater power. At least two tribes carry Rhotuka Lanchers.
  • "Lurker" was banished from his homeland for murders.
  • "Mimic"'s homeland suffered from a natural disaster and was later recruited by the Dark Hunters.
  • "Primal" came from a savage tribe in a land overrun by Visorak.
  • After "Prototype" disappeared was he found in a swamp on a desolate island.
  • "Ravager" was found on a rocky coastline with no memory of where he came from.