Several other locations have been mentioned in passing in relation to major characters. Here is what we know so far:

  • An island which was attacked by "Poison". Nothing is known about this island except that there are resident Matoran and a squad of Toa.
  • Somewhere south of Metru Nui, believed to be Tahtorak's homeland. It was also was the home of Keetongu's race who used the Tahtorak species as mounts. The Keetongu are all but extinct now, as there is only one member of the species still alive.
  • The island where "Prototype" stayed alone for many years. The island has a swamp. Nothing else is known about this location.
  • Nocturn came from this island. He destroyed it in a fit of rage, and was banished to The Pit because of it.
  • Artahka was originally connected to this island by a bridge. However, the two were disconencted when the Brotherhood of Makuta used it to invade the island and steal the Mask of Light.
  • Xia tested it's newest weapons on a nearby island, blowing it apart to prevent it from being an obstacle to any Sea Route. Unfortunately, this caused a few exotic species of Rahi to be wiped out.