Thulox Morak.jpg Morak
Species Information
WeaponsAir Launchers
Species StatusNot threatened

Hydruka were aquatic scorpion-like Rahi native to the Pit, and were known for their ill-tempered nature.

Hydruka were created by the Makuta using various Viruses and liquid protodermis.

Hydruka were herd Rahi of the inhabitants of Mahri Nui. They were used by the Matoran in that area to harvest Airweed, which they used to create air bubbles needed to live safely underwater. Hydruka were the favorite prey for Ehlek's eels. They still remained in the sea after Mahri Nui was destroyed and the Matoran left.

Abilities and Traits

They also had the ability to create Solidified Air Bubbles that could be launched at sea creatures. Like Nocturn, they were unaffected by the mutagenic water surrounding Mahri Nui.

Known Hydruka


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